Thursday, September 26, 2013

My GMAT Prep 001

First and foremost, without knowing what have i got into, i have booked my GMAT exam on Dec 2nd 2013.

im from malaysia, graduated in film and animation in 2005 and you can say math was long gone in my life except when im getting my salary and paying my bills. currently working in a TV station as a promo producer.

after reading a lot of success story, i believed i need a good study plan and after calculating days that i will be studying minus holiday, it will be 58 days from today. i also will be taking IELTS on 26th Oct since English is not my first language.

i have not bought any reference books yet only from gmat focus, question pack & test pack).

From i have read, Princeton Review are good for people need refreshing in math. maybe i need to buy OG and also Kaplan GMAT. since i want to follow the 60-Day GMAT study guide, i guess either i buy Manhattan GMAT’s Complete Strategy Guide Set (5th Edition) or subscribe to GMAT Prep Now’s Complete Online Video Course (Modules #1 to #16) but depends on the budget agreed by my wife Laughing im hoping to get all the books by this week. (still thinking what books to buy, but definitely going to buy the OG)

i have tried the GmatPrep practice exam 1 and got 240 which i believed the lowest of the low Embarassed aloong way to go to 750!
reviewed the mistake i done but the practice exam don't have explanation so i have to track back from the answer.

any feedback for this newbie on the study plan and recommended books would be awesome.


Monday, October 4, 2010

hari ini hari lahir saya.

dah lame tak update... alhamdullilah manage to live until this age...

alhto this year takde celebrate pape pon.. and i think most boring bday ever....

aku masih bersyukur sebab im still alive.. im doing better in my career... and more or less going for the goal in life...

dalam umor2 aku nih... ramai yg dah kawen... ade yg kawen and dapat anak...

kalau orang tanye.. jawab la hujung tahun ke, cuti sekolah ke.. tahun bile tak tau lagi la...

takpe la orang lain kawen macam sprint.. nk laju, cepat... aku marathon sket la more long distance...

tade orang nk ke? ade tuh ade... tp aku yg tanak... yg aku nk tanak kat aku... LOL...

tak kisah la... enjoy the freedom.. kang ade bini anak... kene la duduk umah...

tanak la macam ade orang kawen 2 3 tahun... then divorce.. anak pon kecik lagi... ingat memain pe bab kawen nih...

anyway im still below 30... still boleh achieve goal tok jadi millionaire by 30... InsyaAllah..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

my Saturday activity.

Limkokwing Borneo Flash Mob @ tHe Spring

Thursday, May 13, 2010


taken from limkokwing borneo facebook group

Support Limkokwing staff and students going bald and performing a Flash Mob Dance to raise awareness for the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society

“GO BALD” aims to support cancer patients by letting them know that their baldness is just a temporary setback on the road to recovery. The campaign is held to raise donations and support for the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society (SCCS).

clockwise from left me, epollo, kenny and trina.

Limkokwing Borneo fully supports this charitable move and this is just one of the many community activities carried out by Limkokwing staff and students who aim to foster a sense of care and responsibility towards the community. Limkokwing Borneo has been a strong supporter of SCCS. Last year, as part of the Nigerian National Day celebration, staff and students conducted a “gotong royong” campaign at the SCCS.

This year, in support of “GO BALD”, Limkokwing staff, Trina Mayang Anthony, Kenny Ley and Azhari Rahim will shave their heads at The Spring on Sunday to show solidarity and support for the campaign and the children who are undergoing treatment for cancer.

To lend additional support, 200 members of staff and students of Limkokwing Borneo will perform a Flash Mob Dance on Saturday May 15, 2010. This will be the first time that Flash Mobbers will strike Kuching!!!

Last year, the GO BALD event raised more than RM200,000 in pledges and donations. SCCS's goal this year, beyond raising awareness of childhood cancer and offering moral support, is to raise RM1 million for the construction of a new SCCS centre in the hopes of providing better care and support to cancer patients.

Please post messages of support and love here for our Limkokwing family at Borneo Campus.

Saturday, April 24, 2010